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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hiding Depression

Question: I have 4 children, and spend most of my day at home taking care of the house and kids.  I get really depressed sometimes but I don’t want to tell anyone about it because my husband has a professional position and I’m concerned that it will affect his job.  What should I do?
-Miriam Gwenryth, Middle Village, NY

Answer: Miriam, it is not unusual for housewives to get depressed.  If you are not comfortable seeking professional help than there are some other options that you can look at to address the issue on your own.  

Often, staying cooped up in the house all day can cause someone to begin feeling bored, lonely, or “stir crazy”.  Finding new hobbies or activities that you enjoy can be very helpful in alleviating the feelings of boredom or lack of accomplishment.  Perhaps there is a group or club in your community that you would like to get involved or participate in.  Lately, with the growth spurt of internet groups and networks there are additional opportunities to connect with other people that have similar interests.

I understand your hesitancy in seeking consultation with a mental health professional, but I do want to encourage you to give it more thought.  One of the things that motivates me to write this article each month is the unfortunate statistic that each year more than 60 percent of individuals with a mental illness don’t get any help.  Every day, people such as yourself don’t seek help because of the stigma, however in your case you have given a lot of thought to seeking help.  Perhaps it would be worthwhile to consider just taking the next step.

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  1. Definitely get connected to other moms in your neighborhood or area. There are so many opportunities to not be alone and realize other moms are feeling the same way at time. "Big City Moms" on the internet is a good resource for things in and around NYC.
    But get some professional help if you do not feel better soon.