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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Always Worrying

Question: I have a big anxiety problem.  I worry about everything; my dog, school, parents, brothers, school work, everything.  I take sleeping pills at night, but what can I do during the day to stop it?
                                                               -Christine B., Ridgewood, NY

Answer: Christine, perhaps the most important thing to realize about anxiety, is that often once you recognize (or believe) that you have an anxiety problem it can feed on itself.  Sometimes people become anxious about becoming anxious and that definitely doesn’t help any.  For that reason, I strongly recommend that if you think you have an anxiety problem, you consult with a professional.  That way, in addition to having a clearer picture of the problem, it will also be easier to avoid being anxious about anxiety because you will know that you have someone that can help you with it. 
There are many methods that can be helpful with anxiety including behavioral techniques such as muscle relaxation and square breathing, cognitive techniques that help focus on “living in the moment” or on the source of the anxiety, and anti-anxiety medications that can be helpful as well.  A mental health professional can help you with your anxiety using the above tools and much more.  Thousands of people have overcome anxiety problems with proper help, you can do it too!  Best of luck.


  1. Taking natural sleep aids pills can definitely improve your sleep. I have to agree that there are are many methods that can be helpful with anxiety. It's best to ask your physician about it.