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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is Depression Hereditary

Question: My mother and sister both have had serious problems with depression and anxiety.  Is this hereditary?  Should I be worried?
                                                                            -Joe R., Jackson Heights, NY

Answer: There is a lot of research being done on this topic.  It is definitely more common to have a mental illness if someone else in your immediate family does.  Understanding why that is where it gets complicated.  Research has shown a hereditary biological factor to many mental illnesses.  However, in addition to biological factors, there are also important social factors that play a role in mental illnesses.  For example, if someone was laid-off of their job then they would be more likely to be depressed.  Similarly, growing up and/or living with others that have a negative outlook on life can influence your own view of the world and methods for coping with challenges.
The bottom line is that while there are some hereditary and social factors, every person and situation is unique.  If you think you might have a mental illness, as usual, I recommend getting an evaluation from a professional.  Also, there are many support groups and programs for family members of those with mental illnesses.  A great resource for this in New York is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


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  2. Although a research has shown that people with parents or siblings suffering from depression are up to three times more prone to having the condition, it doesn’t guarantee the occurrence. So even if your parent suffered from depression at some point in his or her life, this doesn’t mean that you are going to have it too. It does increase your risk, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will also suffer from it.

    Whether the depression is genetic or environmental, you can always combat it by bringing some changes to your lifestyle. The simplest way to stay out of depressed state is by improving your thinking and maintaining an optimistic attitude. Life has never been easy for anyone, but it’s your ability how you deal with the problems. Some just fall prey to this psychological illness, while others keep their calm and find out the solution to their problems. By creating a healthy mindset and positive relationships, you can manage your stress and relieve the symptoms of depression to a great extent. Once you learn to conquer your bad thoughts and feelings, you learn to survive even during worst times.

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